Special Delivery


#2 of  "100 Answers to Prayer"

Now, I have to preface this by saying that I no longer have the same fears as I did back then.  :)  Right before having my first child, I read the book, "No Pain in Childbirth."  I was fully prepared to convince myself during labor that childbirth was not painful.  The author of that book obviously had not read Genesis and I don't need to tell you that it was written by a man.  Childbirth is painful.  God says so and I believe Him.  My first one was the most difficult, which is typical.  The best you can hope (and pray) for is a quick birth.  I did learn ways to shorten that process, with the help of my awesome midwife and her knowledge of herbs.  She was my midwife for baby 2 through 4.  Obviously, I went on to have more than just 2 kids, so I got over my childbirth phobia.  :)       

My first child was born at home after 22 hours of hard labor and 4 hours of pushing.  For a full year after, I walked around and cringed every time I saw a pregnant woman.  I wanted to run up to them and warn them, “You know, that baby’s gotta come out eventually, and it ain’t pretty.”  It took two years for me to even think about wanting to have another child.  But, in having kids, God also gives us the gift of forgetfulness, and we conceived our second child. 

For nine months I prayed daily, sometimes several times a day, this simple prayer:   “Dear Lord, please give me a quick and easy birth…and a girl.”  I wasn’t playing any games.  I wanted a girl and I wasn’t afraid to ask.  Why?  Because I did not want to give birth again and I really, really wanted a girl.  If this one wasn’t a girl, I would probably try again and that meant delivering another baby. 

So, nine and a half months later (yes, the little darling was 2 weeks late), I went into labor.  I prepared myself mentally for the long haul, as did everyone else.  I called my husband around 3pm to tell him I thought I might be in labor.  He got home at 6:30pm. 

A little after 7:00pm, we started filling the birthing tub with water.  The contractions weren’t too bad but I couldn’t understand why they were two minutes apart.  We called my midwife.  She was going to take her dogs out and then be on her way.  I called my labor assistant and she suggested I fill the bath tub with water while I waited for the birthing tub to get filled.  So I did. 

My husband brought our 3-year old son next door.  I couldn’t understand what took him so long (it was only 5 minutes, but in labor time, that’s 5 hours).  As he was walking up the stairs, I got in the bathtub and my water broke.  I said, “I have to push!”  He said, “Don’t push!”  Two pushes and about a minute later, I caught my baby.  My first words (after checking between her legs):  “Thank you, Jesus!”

You can read the full story under my "Homebirth Stories" below.  I still need to write #3 and #4 homebirth stories!  Someday.