A Feingold Vacation - Menu Planning

Just got back from Disney - my favorite place!  I'm going to post on how to do Disney on a special diet but first thought I'd post my menu plan I made for the week.  I did this before we left so that I could give my mom a shopping list.  FYI:  My oldest (C) is just Feingold, and myself and my younger 3 are GFCF as well.  We brought along my 13 year old niece (A) as well.  So, you'll see references to their names.  My parents didn't always eat with us.  My parents live 3 hours from Orlando so they drove up with a cooler. My mom had pre-made some things for us like the chicken meatballs, some muffins, and the lemon chicken marinade. 

We always stay at my parents' timeshare, which is conveniently located right across the street from a Whole Foods!  Yea!  My parents drove up early and went shopping for me.  I'm reading "America's Cheapest Family" and they say they plan out meals for the month and save money that way by buying just the groceries that they'll need (and other reasons).  The timeshare has a fully stocked kitchen (all cooking utensils, pots, etc.).  So, below is my menu plan for the week, followed by my shopping list.  We did sway from the plan slightly, but not too much.  Whatever food we had leftover that we didn't open, my mom returned after we left.  We did have a bit leftover, but my mom bought everything the first day.  I would have made a couple trips during the week if it were me. 

Don't be overwhelmed by this list!  We go to Disney almost every year, so I've had a lot of practice!  You will save a lot of money too if you can cook at your place instead of eating out every meal.  Not always doable I know.  We've been very blessed that we've been able to have a place to cook while on vacation.  We stayed at Westgate Lakes in Orlando.  Many timeshares offer a greatly reduced rate if you stay with them and listen to a two hour speech and tour of their grounds.  So, that's another option if you can hold your ground and not buy.  My parents don't think it's worth it, but they can afford it, so they keep it for the grandkids.  It was kind of nice to wake up and not have to think about what to make for breakfast.  We just checked the menu! I'll explain how we brought all this food to the parks in my next post.

Menu Plan:

Thursday – dinner on plane – hot dogs – L, D, and B, turkey sandwich for C, kale chips, peas

Snack at room – cereal – Gorilla Munch & Erewhon with rice milk, pop tarts for C and/or shrimp

Friday – Disney World

Breakfast:  2 packages of bacon, broccoli

B & S - chicken meatballs

D – Ian’s chicken nugget meal

L – oatmeal

C – pop tarts or cereal

A, mom, dad – chicken and rice

(Make peas and carrots to bring).

Lunch:  Lemon Mustard Chicken with rice (Sheri, Lynsey, Brooklyn, Dylan)

Lynsey –hot dog

Cody – bacon lettuce sandwich, grapes

Fruit – melons, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, apple, etc.

Dinner:  Turkey sandwich for Lynsey, jelly sandwich for Dylan, turkey sandwich for Cody, wheat thins, Ruffles

Brooklyn & Lynsey – peas and carrots

Snacks – dried bananas, dried pears


Breakfast:  French toast (Cody, A, mom, dad) with maple syrup

Lynsey, Dylan, Sheri – Ian’s French toast sticks with agave syrup

Lunch:  Tacos (probably  2 lbs) with Xochitl corn chips, lettuce

Dinner:  Spaghetti - for mom, dad

GF spaghetti noodles for Sheri, Dylan, A

Spaghetti squash for Brooklyn and Lynsey

Grilled Cheese for Lynsey & Dylan

Green beans

Chicken sandwich for Cody

Sunday  - Universal Studios


Ian’s chicken nuggets & tator tots – Sheri, Brooklyn, Dylan, Lynsey

Cody & A – cereal, baked potatoes with bacon

Lunch – spaghetti – Sheri, Brooklyn

Tomato soup  w/crackers– Dylan, Sheri

Fruit, muffins,  etc.

Eat at park probably.


Breakfast:  Ian’s chicken patties – Dylan, Brooklyn, Sheri

Lynsey - oatmeal

Cody – hot dog

Lunch – hot dogs for plane

Shopping List – Whole Foods:

Organic eggs

Rudi’s Honey Sweet Whole Wheat bread

Rudi’s Wheat hot dog buns

Bell & Evans Chicken Patties

Applegate Farms beef hot dogs

Food for Life Brown rice bread

Strawberry jelly (any organic I guess)

Ian’s chicken nuggets (GF)

2 boxes Ian’s chicken patties (GF)

Ian’s chicken nugget meal (GF)

2 Pacific Original rice milk

Gorilla Munch

Whole Foods brand popcorn shrimp

Marshmallow cereal for Cody – Three Sisters?, like Lucky Charms

365 organic green beans - frozen

365 organic peas and carrots – frozen

365 organic tator tots

GF Tinkyada spaghetti noodles

Daiya cheddar cheese shreds

Earth Balance butter – soy free, red container

Maple syrup – small bottle

Pop tarts – Back to Nature or Nature’s Path? – Wildberry Acai or whatever

Imagine creamy tomato soup

Glutino crackers

Wheat thins – Back to Nature

Xochitl corn chips – salted

Organic romaine lettuce


Fruit – few organic apples (fuji, gala, etc.), rasberries, red grapes, cantalope, watermelon, etc.

White organic potatoes (few)

So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk ice cream

GF Cones


Turkey slices – Hormel (2 boxes)

Hormel ham and roast beef slices

Uncle Ben’s 5 minute rice

Spaghetti noodles


Ketchup – Hunt’s All Natural No Corn Syrup Added

Water bottles

Simply Lemonade, or lemons and sugar if they don’t have it

Cereal for A

(To bring from FL: vanilla, chicken meatballs, spaghetti sauce, muffins)

(To bring from home:  taco seasoning, sea salt, dried fruit, kale chips, organic rice, 2 oatmeal packets, cinnamon, vitamins, cooler, tupperware)